Ms. Ranjeeta Dutt McGroarty
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Dutt McGroarty is the founder and CEO of Trinity and has fifteen years of experience focusing on the global maritime sector, offshore, energy (oil & gas) sectors. Ms. Dutt McGroarty attended the London School of Economics, specializing in Global Finance; holds a master’s degree in International Broadcast Journalism specializing in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs from City University, London; and is a Reuters Scholarship recipient. In addition, she was sponsored by Lloyd’s (London) to attend an Executive Finance course in Cambridge, UK. Ms Dutt McGroarty is also the Founder and CEO of Trinity 3 Energy Limited (UK) and a shareholder and Director of Sanwariya Gas Limited (Mathura CGD Project). •

Dhirendra Pal Solanki

Mr. Solanki was appointed as Director of the Company since inception. Mr. Solanki is a Graduate having 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, and in charge of marketing for Trinity in India.

Satyajai Mayor

Mr Mayor is the Director on the board of company since inception. Mr Mayor owns Permionics India Limited, the only Indian company involved in Membrane Technology, first in Asia and third in the World. Mr Mayor brings a wide spectrum of knowledge to the Trinity Table providing strategic directions and guidance to the Company.