Trinity is requesting Log-Term off takers for 107 megawatt from its 225 Megawwatt Gas Power Generation plant in Uttarakhand.

Trinity Natural Gas Private Limited (TNGPL), a Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, was established to be an integral part of the natural gas and oil supply chain in India and globally. We open an entire world of LNG supply and delivery through our marketing and trading activities. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to producing value on both spot- and long-term LNG trading to create more flexible LNG sourcing strategies for our customers.

TNGPL has the ability to supply unlimited amount of LNG/Crude Oil/Refined Oil, therefore fulfilling the natural gas and oil gap in India and other parts of the world.

PLANT SUMMARY: Installed 225 MW Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant

A.Gas Turbines

Plant consists of two GE frame 6FAe, advance class gas turbines , fitted with DLN burners for NoX emission controls , and other associated auxiliaries and advance MK VIe controls. Capacity of Gas Turbine is 75 MW . Capacity of Generator is 95 MVA and is water/air cooled type. Both the gas turbines are installed and are ready for commissioning.

B.HRSG Boilers

Two numbers waste heat recovery boilers are fully installed with 100% piping complete and all associated auxiliaries viz.BFP and other pumps are installed by M/S Thermex. Capacity of each HRSG • HP Steam 113.2 TPH , Pr.98.8 kg/cm2 ,Temp. 540 deg.C • IP Steam 14.2 TPH , Pr.8.1 kg/cm2 , Temp. 275 deg.C


GATE For bypass arrangement DD/GG been provided with main and bypass stacks supplied by Indera Industries ,with all associated auxiliaries viz. gear box and motors.

D.Steam Turbine

Steam turbine is supplied by GE and in installed at site with generator coupled. All the steam , oil,water,control oil have been installed.Steam exhaust duct to condenser is to be connected.

Capacity of Turbine

HP Pr. 95 bar ; Temp. 535 deg,C ; Steam Flow 62.8 kg/sec LP Pr. 7.5 bar ; Temp. 273 deg. C Steam Flow 7.6 kg/sec Efficiency 98.3% • Power Out Put 74.360.

E.DM Plant

The plant is supplied and installed by M/S Thermex. There are two streams of RO system. F.Plant Air System

Three numbers of air compressors supplied and installed by Atlas Capco with associated system and controls. Capacity 13 Mts. cubes/Hr